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Hi there!
I’m Layla, an IT professional from Morocco. I’m a big food and nature lover and I’m the voice behind Megounista.

I love singing, cooking Morrocan and international healthy recipes, hiking and mountain climbing. These are the activities that nourish my soul and help me live a simple and joyful life.

Megounista is my corner on the internet in which I share my foodie, hiking and travel experiences with my family and my friends.


Resource your everyday life!

Megounista is coming from the word Megoun which is the name of the third highest peak of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco (4,071 metres). I got the idea of this blog while climbing this amazingly majestic mountain.

Megoun for me is a symbol of the mix of stubbornness and beauty ❤

Why Megounista?

In Megounista you will find delicious recipes, along with stories of travel and life, so stay connected.

The best way for me to get inspired and discover new things is to get out of my kitchen, my city, my country and open up to the world. I share recipes I have tried in other regions and other countries.

Mountains and hiking have taught me how to love every step of what I’m doing even If I still don’t know the destination.

I love to share with you how has mountain climbing changed me and how can we apply mountaineering to our daily life.

I’m so glad you are here ❤


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