6 Best Immune boosting food to use in winter

Boosting your immune system depends on our general diet. There are a lot of immune boosting food that should be eaten every day, especially in winter.
Immune Boosting Food
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Winter is a difficult season to go through. There is a lack of light, the cold makes you want to stay at home, and viruses seem to be waiting for the body to lower its guard.
As a result, many of us spend the winter sniffling, coughing, or even bedridden for a few days.

What most of us underestimate, is the power of food we have on our plates to enhance our immune system and help us be less sick and less tired, which help us resist winter better.

My best immune boosting food

Boosting your immune system depends on our general diet. There are a lot of food with high immune boosting  benefits that should be eaten every day, especially in winter.

In this article, I share with you some of my must used food in winter.

Citrus fruits

Immune Boosting Food Citrus

Citrius fruits are such an important source of vitamin C that many people start consuming them when they start to catch colds.
Vitamin C may indeed help reduce the duration of common cold symptoms and boost the immune system.


Immune Boosting Food Curcuma

Turmeric is a very important antibacterial that has been used traditionally in many world cuisines. 

It is well-known for it’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities.

The abundant curcumin in it is a very powerful antioxidant that helps boost immunity.


Immune Boosting Food Ginger

Ginger is an exceptional millenary plant often assimilated to a spice, ginger. 
It is often appreciated for its taste and for what it brings to cooked dishes. But we often forget how precious it can be and the many health benefits it offers. 

Ginger conceals many treasures for our health. It is an ally in all seasons, even more so in winter. It is a very important anti-oxidant with a lot of vitamins and immune boosting nutrients.

You can use ginger in different forms: in an infusion, in a sauce, in a smoothie, or added to any of your cooked dishes.

You can use it also with its perfect all time ally: Lemon. Combined with lemon, the ginger virtues get empowered, the mix affects positively the immune system, the skin and digestion.


Immune Boosting Food Garlic

Garlic is easy to integrate into your diet and has multiple benefits. Besides its aphrodisiac properties, garlic is  also and antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.

It is also known to be a great immune system “booster”, it can help the body fight winter viruses and germs. Finally, it is the most well-known home remedy for preventing colds.

It is one of the top immune boosting food that can be consumed in several forms in your everyday dishes.


Immune Boosting Food Brocoli

Broccoli is an unrecognized source of vitamin C. It is a vegetable to consume regularly as it is a good immune boosting food that contains also a lot of antioxidants.

The next time you’re fighting a cold, consider adding brocolli to your meal to give your body an extra boost.

Red Bell Peppers

Immune Boosting Food red peppers

Red pepper is also an excellent source of vitamin C, they contain more of this vitamin than citrus fruits. 
Red bell pepper contains twice the healthy nutrients than the other colors contains (green, yellow, and orange).
They are a versatile immune boosting food you can use in a lot of dishes: salads, pasta dishes, stir-fries, or even in a pizza!

Best practices to boost immune system

We cannot repeat it enough: a healthy and balanced diet plays a fundamental role in maintaining health and well-being. However, certain foods are particularly known as immune boosting foods.

Besides the ingredients I have mentionned here, there are a lot of other food I recommend to have in your diet, especially in winter season: almonds, black chocolate, yoghurt, green tea, blueberries, and fruits and vegetables in general.

Incorporating these foods into a varied, healthy and balanced diet is one of the best ways to help keep our immune system functioning properly.

In addition, there are other ways to strengthen our immune defenses, such as having a regular physical activity, avoiding smoking and of course getting enough sleep, etc.

Enjoy these immune boosting recipes

If you love easy and tasty Moroccan and Meditarian food, and you are looking for new immune boosting recipes, consider trying the following ideas:

Split pea immune boosting soup
5 ingredients lemon and curcuma smoothie

Let me know about your top immune boosting food. You can add a comment below or use the hashtag #megounista in Instagram or Facebook

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