Chefchaouen blue city: Top 7 Instagram worthy places to see

Chefchaouen the magical blue city
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Chefchaouen, the blue city of Morocco, or simply Chaouen as most of Moroccans prefer to call it, is a small gorgeous city north Morocco. It takes its name from the high Rif mountains that dominate the city and look like two goat horns.

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For more information about Chefchaouen and its story, where to eat and how to get the city, make sure to consult the article CHEFCHAOUEN: THE MOROCCAN BLUE PEARL where you will find everything you need to know before coming to this city.

Best spots you should see in Chefchaouen blue city

The old Kasbah of Chefchaouen blue city

Located in the western part of the city of Chefchaouen, it is surrounded by a wall with ten towers built in the Andalusian style. The Kasbah contains a large garden decorated with two basins, as well as the Ethnographic Museum.

The historic Kasbah of Chefchaouen blue city
The old kasbah - Chefchaouen the blue city.

The Kasbah is one of the most important tourist attractions of the city, as it was a witness to the establishment of “Chefchaouen” and still retains all the cultural and archaeological monuments, through which you can learn about all the events that have passed in the city since the moment of its founding. The kasbah is one of the Instagram-worthy places in the city.

For stunning photos, you will just need to Climb to the top of one of the towers of this historic building. Throughout the carved windows, you will have the chance to take amazing photos over the square and the great mosque.

Chefchaouen blue houses viewed from The Kasbah windows
Chefchaouen viewed from the Kasbah windows

The great mosque of Chefchaouen blue city

The mosque is characterized by its wide area and its octagonal silo. It has a wooden chandelier that stands in the middle of the mihrab. The mosque has an important geographical location in the city because of its proximity to the Kasbah and the square of Uta el-Hamam.

The great mosque of Chefchaouen
The great mosque of Chefchaouen viewed from the Old Kasbah

Uta el-Hammam Plaza

Uta el-Hamam plaza is a public square in the ancient city, and it is the historical and tourist pole of the city because all roads lead to it. This square contains the Great Mosque and the Kasbah. Many festivals are held in this square.
This place is ideal to take your breakfast or a coffee and enjoy the lovely atmosphere there.

This lists the most known places in Chefchaouen, but for a more lovely experience, you should not miss these most Instagram-worthy views and photo spots. This will make your journey in Morocco’s Blue City unforgettable.

Uta el-Hammam Plaza in Chefchaouen blue city
Uta el-Hammam Plaza in Chefchaouen blue city

Raz El maa

It is the sacred source that springs directly from the mountain. You can meet there local women bustling at the laundry. 
This place is also a good spot to try local traditional clothes and take beautiful pictures, I recommend everyone to try it.

Raz El maa is also the departure point to many hiking trails.

Trying traditional local clothes in Chefchaouen blue city
Trying traditional local clothes in Chefchaouen blue city

Souika District

This is the oldest settlement built after the Kasbah and contains the oldest white and blue colored houses. Its wall fountain is considered one of the most important fountains of the city due to the decoration that adorns its façade. 

This district is a suitable place to take the most beautiful memorial photos, especially taking pictures with the “wall fountain” that characterizes the district and makes it one of the most important tourist places in Chefchaouen blue city.

Shades of blue in Chefchaouen city
Shades of blue in Chefchaouen city

Bouzaafar, the Spanish Mosque

This is the best spot to admire the most breath-taking views over the blue city. If you want to fall in love more with Chefchaouen, I recommend you to watch the sunset spectacle from this place. 

You will see a sea of blue and white houses changing colors as the sunlight shifts. It shows the city in an artistic tableau.

Road to the Spanish mosque in Chefchaouen Chefchaouen blue city
Road to the Spanish mosque in Chefchaouen

It is easy to get to this place, no need for a guide. First, you have to go to Ras El Maa, the river where locals are doing their laundry. You will see a trail leading up the hill, continue up into the hills until you reach the small white Spanish mosque called “Bouzaafer”.
The walk up the hill is fairly easy. You will spend a maximum of 30 minutes to reach the mosque.

The sunset view you will watch there is the most fascinating and memorable one in the region. 

Sunset spectacle in Chefchaouen
Sunset spectacle in Chefchaouen

Hiking in Chefchaouen region

Nested in the heart of Rif mountains, Chefchaouen attracts all kinds of travelers especially nature fans. It offers rows of hills and mountains perfect for trekking and outdoor activities.  

If you are a nature lover you will enjoy the one day or longer hikes into the surrounding mountains and lands.

Hiking in Chefchaouen the blue city
Hiking in Chefchaouen the blue city

In Chefchaouen, the most popular destination for backpackers from Morocco and abroad are Akchour waterfalls, Talassemtane National Park, Jbel El-Kelaa and God’s Bridge (an impressive rock arch over the river Oued Farda.

While hiking in this region, there is a big chance you will pass by local farms where marijuana and Hashish grow. You may also meet touts who will offer to sell you some. It is best to avoid them as this is illegal in Morocco and this may cause you some trouble.

Akchour waterfalls near Chefchaouen blue city
Akchour waterfalls near Chefchaouen blue city

You can visit Akchour on a one day trip. There are plenty of taxis you can take from the city center for 25dhs, the trip is about 45 minutes. It takes you around two hours walking to arrive at the big waterfalls.

Organize a hike around Chefchaouen blue city

Chefchaouen blue city offers plenty of adventures to hikers, starting from valleys to stunning peaks, green forests, and landscapes. There are many organized tours that start daily from the city, you can take part in them or alternatively, you can stay in a guest house or a hotel in between the mountains in the villages surrounding the city.  

Camping also is allowed but still, you need to get informed about where you will camp (things may change in the meantime).


Have you fallen in love with this blue city? Do you like to know more about it? Check this article for more inspiration CHEFCHAOUEN: THE MOROCCAN BLUE PEARL

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