5 best places to see around Trabzon city, Turkey

Trabzon city is the largest city in the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. It is a hidden gem surrounded by marvelous mountains and forests.
Trabzon Turkey
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Greek colonists have founded Trabzon and called it “Trapezius”. Then many empires have ruled it, starting from the Greeks, Romans to the Ottomans. In terms of history, this beautiful city is pretty rich.

Trabzon is also very close to Rize, the green city in the Eastern Black Sea region of turkey. It is magnificent in all seasons.

So, let’s explore Trabzon together!

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Top spots to visit around Trabzon city

Uzungöl lake

When you are in Trabzon or the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey in general, be sure, every day, you can explore a new gem.
Uzungol lake is one of the most incredible treasures you will see around Trabzon. It is a hidden lake in the mountains, at an altitude of 1090 m.

Uzungol in Turkish means “Long River” and yes, it is a one-kilometer long lake. The trails around the lake are ideal for hiking. You can enjoy the beautiful nature and the view of the magnificent mosque reflected into the lake.
There is a terrace that you can reach using wooden stairs from where you will have a marvelous view from the top.

If you desire to enjoy this fascinating nature all day long, you can rent a bungalow to spend the night as well.
Uzungol is fabulous in all seasons, but it is best to visit it in the summer. However, don’t trust the weather. In this region it can rain at any time, So do not forget to bring your raincoat.

How to reach Uzungol?
Now you may ask how to reach this hidden gem. Then I will tell you it is so easy to come to Uzungol, all that you will need is to take a local minibus called “Caykara tur” from downtown Trabzon.
One last thing about this beautiful lake, if you have one day in Trabzon, spend it in Uzungol ❤️

Karaca Magarasi

It is a beautiful cave located in the village of Gebaly, at an altitude of 1550 meters. The cave is 90 km away from Trabzon city center.

Located in the heart of the mountains, this cave has a stunning view and is one of the most beautiful caves and tourist spots in the Trabzon region. We estimate it to be about 100 meters long. Once inside, you will be surprised by the beauty of stalagmites and stalactites that decorate its surface. 

If you are asthmatic or you have any respiratory issues, this cave offers you a very clean airway, which will have good positive effects on you. Many visitors come only to breathe pure air inside of this cave.

Before coming to Trabzon, we were curious to see the cave of Chal. Chal is the second-longest cave in the world with a length of about 8km! 

Unfortunately, due to the snow, the cave was closed, and we couldn’t see it. Instead, we have visited Karaca cave, and we were not disappointed.

Hamsikoy village

About 47 km from Trabzon city center, you will find one of the most surprising villages in the north of Turkey “HamsiKoy”

This village is a group of five very tiny villages next to each other. The name HamsiKoy means five villages, “Koy” in Turkish means a village.

Before arriving in Hamsikoy, you will be surprised by its striking views. You will feel magical tranquility in this village’s beautiful atmosphere.

This small town is also knowns for its magnificent pastures of sheep and cows. That makes it a famous destination for milk products lovers. Once in Hamsikoy, don’t miss their most popular rice pudding famous by the name Sutlej.

Sumela monastery

Not far from Trabzon, in around half an hour from the city center, you will find the Altyndere National Park.
This park is a very good place for hiking and camping. Just keep in mind that bears are living in some areas of the park, so pay attention to this detail before camping.
In this parc, you will find also one of the oldest and magical religious sights in Turkey: Sumela Monastery.

Carved in the rock at an altitude of 1200 meters, the monastery stands gracefully on the narrow ledge of a steep cliff. This gives it a breathtaking view. You can’t see it without wondering how human beings succeeded to build such a magical building.
It is very famous for its picturesque scenery and its beautiful lands. This makes it one of the most important tourist attractions in Trabzon and Turkey in general.

Torul Haterasi

Torul Seyir Terası, literally Torul Glass Observation Terrace, is a glass terrace from where you can see a magnificent view of Torul, a district of the Gumushane region. This terrace is 240 meters high. It is a highly recommended place for adventures and adrenaline addicts.
You will be amazed by the marvelous views this terrace can give you for only 4 Turkish Lira!

If you have more time to spend in this region, there are many places you can see, including the Torul Castel. This region is also famous for its silver mines.

Don’t forget to buy some fresh nuts from the locals’ shops you will find on the road. I still remember how delicious were the Hazelnuts, Walnuts, and the dried prunes and apricots we have bought from them ❤️

How to get to all these places?

The most reliable way to see all of these places is to have a car. In Trabzon, there is a huge offer of the car’s renting, you can rent it with a driver as well. If this option does not suit you, in Trabzon city center, you will find many travel agencies like organicatour or Ulutour which have a diverse offer of tours at very fair prices. 

Keep in mind that Trabzon is a great destination for hitchhikers 😉

Other places to see around Trabzon city

Besides the list of places I have shared above, there were still many places on my list. Unfortunately, I have not managed to visit them due to weather and time constraints.

If you have more time, you can consider seeing these places: Chal Cave, Sera Gul, Ayder Nebi, and Sultan Murat highlands.

Trabzon and its region have a magical charm. Its incredible nature, majestic mountains, and kind and generous people living there made my trip to this region so special.

Each spot has a beautiful footprint that distinguishes it from other areas. It is simply not possible to compare 🙂 

Let me know in the comments if you have visited this region and what are places you loved the most.

Check more about my travel and hiking adventures.

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